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Treatment Procedure of Third-Degree Burn

A third-degree burn is the most severe kind of burn which is characterized by dark color or charred skin having a leathery texture and raised blisters. This is the kind of burn where the damage may extend to almost all the layers of the skin. As the nerves get damaged in the process, the person may either feel intense pain or no pain. There is a need for emergency medical help under such situations.

Before you get any medical help for third-degree burn, clean the area and remove the dead skin from the affected area. Some of the treatment options include administering intravenous fluids having electrolytes via the mouth, using antibiotic ointments and staying in warm and humid kind of environment. This is the kind of severe burn which destroys the first and the second layer of the skin.

Important Facts of Third-Degree Burn

  • Third-degree burn destroys the first two layers of the skinThird-Degree Burn
  • It is much unlike the first degree and second-degree burn. Third-degree burns may require months for treatment. One needs to take frequent appointments with the doctor for follow-up treatment to avoid burn marks and scars.
  • This kind of burn may affect the skin, the muscles, the tissues and the nerves.
  • The treatment of third-degree burn depends on how severe is the burn and the cause
  • Early treatment may lessen the extent of damage to the skin and the tissues. It may improve the odds for early recovery and better outcome.
  • Potential causes of third-degree burns may be an exposure to electric current, radiation, gases, steam and extremely hot food or oil.
  • A third-degree burn is the worst kind of burn and one of the types of burns. The burn moves deeper into the layers of the skin and damages flesh including tendons and muscles.
  • Charred and black skin is the key identifier. The person can lose consciousness and have breathing difficulty.
  • The fatality of the burn depends on how much skin is burned

Medical Professionals Required Immediately

It is the severe kind of burn which cannot be treated in the home. You need immediate help from a medical professional. Medical attention on an emergency basis is required here. To treat the burn and give some relief to the victim, the doctor will adopt the following steps:

  • The person will be taken to the emergency room for immediate treatment. The doctor will clean the surface and while cleaning the wound remove all contaminants, remove items like jewelry or clothing stuck to the burn surface. After the cleaning is done, the team determines if they can use ointments and dressings to the surface of the burn or not. The team of doctors debride the surface and remove dead skin tissues. This is done to facilitate the growth of healthy skin tissues.
  • Every attempt is made to prevent infection. The doctor gets rid of all foreign particles to prevent any infection. The team can prescribe antibiotics in the form of intravenous, pill or even topical ointments. The dressing has to be changed twice daily.

Treatment Procedures Required

When one visits the hospital to treat a third-degree burn, he/she may need to spend some time in the clinic. The burn will require any of the options stated below:

  • As all three layers of the skin have undergone damage, the doctor will use skin grafts. When the damage to the skin is so severe, one cannot expect the skin to heal by itself. Skin grafts imply harvesting the skin from the healthy region of the body and using it on the burn. With the surgical procedure, the doctor grafts the skin on top of the burned damaged tissue.
  • To correct problems and skin issue, the doctor may use sprints. Sprints help to hold the part of the body in the proper position, so that skin graft is saved from any potential damage. With the sprint, the skin will not contract at the time of healing. Sprints help in regaining the range of motion to correct the issue.
  • To treat burn injury, surgical intervention is needed. It may be either reconstructive surgical intervention or acute surgical intervention. Acute surgery is done just after the burn to stabilize the patient. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery is done after the wound has healed.

Third-Degree BurnReconstructive Burn Surgery to Treat the Scars and the Wound Marks

Reconstructive burn surgery can fabulously treat the scars. Kids require multiple surgeries to get rid of the scars entirely. It is essential to treat the scar contracture, and so surgery is needed. If contracture is interfering with the range of motion, surgery is needed to restore mobility. Even the burn scars will be less apparent with a surgical procedure.

Exercise and Physical Therapy Is Must to Consider

Therapeutic massages and exercises are the part of third-degree burn treatment. Victims find it challenging to move the limbs as they lose mobility and limb functioning. Starting the recuperation process from Day-1 of burn is crucial. The treatment team tries to get you moving as soon as it is possible. Every attempt will be made to restore joint flexibility and movement. This is done to prevent scar tissue from hardening. The team of doctors will develop a comprehensive therapy plan to help you recover quickly. It will combine the use of multiple therapies, exercises, and massages. The therapist will work on every aspect of mobility and limb flexibility. There is a need for exercise plan, physical therapy to restore and rebuild the strength.

To heal the burn tissue, you need to massage the area. It will prevent the retention of excessive fluids by the tissues damaged due to burn. Well, the entire treatment may cost you a lot of money. The cost of third-degree burn treatment may come around to thousands of dollars.

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