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How will you treat first degree burns?

One of the most common household injuries that everyone has had to deal with at some point in their life is a burn. They are more common among children, but the adults can be sufferers too due to negligence or mishaps. Out of the different categories of burns, the first degree burns are the most common. They are so common that they can occur from curling irons, hot stoves, and hair straighteners and even by staying under the Sun for too long. It affects only the top layer of skin, and therefore the damage is minimal. The reassuring thing in this is that the first-degree burn treatment is also easier than the other types of burns.

The Top Symptoms of a First Degree Burns

First Degree BurnsThe symptoms of such burns are minor, and they tend to heal in a matter of days. The most common symptoms are the pain, redness, and swelling. The pain and swelling are both mild, and the skin begins to peel off after just a day. The swelling and pain are high in case of a first-degree burn only if the burn is spread over a large area of skin. In case the wound does not heal, you need to call your doctor for help. There is no need to panic as the large burns, even of the first degree, take a longer time to heal than small burns.

All about A First Degree Burn Treatment

The first degree burnscan get treated at home if you know the right way of treatment. They are not as serious as other burns, but that does not mean that they do not need to get taken care of properly. The following are the steps that are recommended by the dermatologists.

Letting the burn cool

Put the burnt area immediately under cool tap water or take the help of cold and wet compression. Continue doing this for about ten minutes to make the area completely cool down. The pain will subside when the area gets cooled down.

Petroleum jelly to the rescue

Many people optfor ointments or butter to soothe the burn and cure it. One of the most traditional ways of treating the first-degree burn is the application of toothpaste. The first-degree burn definition might make it seem harmless, but the wrong treatments like toothpaste and butter will make it infected. Go for petroleum jelly as it causes no infection but works just right.

Use nonstick and sterile bandage

Blisters might form on the area of the first-degree burn. Do not poke the blisters or scratch them. You need to keep the area covered with a sterile bandage to let it heal on its own. Popping the blisters will make the situation worse.

Over-the-counter pain medicines

There are several over the counter pain medicines like ibuprofen that helps to relieve the pain and reduce swelling of the area. Take the advice of the doctor before you go for any pain medication.

Keeping the area away from Sun

The treatment for the burns does not end when they start healing. When the burn heals, the area still needs toget kept away from Sun. Wear protective clothing and apply broad-spectrum sunscreen. Make sure the sunscreen is water resistant and has an SPF of 30 or higher. The scarring will get minimized by keeping it away from the direct heat of the Sun. The redness from the burn persists for weeks in some cases, and this happens more in people who have darker skin tones.

Use of Aloe Vera

First Degree BurnsAloe Vera is known for its healing properties, and it soothes the burning sensation of the area. You can mix the Aloe Vera solution with some honey and apply it on the damaged skin. The other good thing about this mixture is that it reduces drying and speeds up the repairing of the damaged part of the skin.

There are certain precautions that you need to take these treatments as well. For instance, though the cold compress is a great idea. Avoid getting the temperature too cold because the burn gets aggravated by the extreme chill of the compress. Also, do not keep holding the compress over the area for a long time as that can affect the burn too. The use of natural ingredients like aloe or things like petroleum jelly also needs caution as you need not apply it too frequently.

Getting the Doctor’s Attention

Most of the first degree burns can get treated at home, and the doctor is called either as a precaution or when it is necessary. The first thing that a doctor does is check the intensity of the burns. Do not let the first-degree burn pictures scare you off as there is nothing so severe that you need to be afraid of. The things that doctors check are given as follows. You can check these symptoms yourself as well before starting the treatment.

  • The depth of the burn into the layers of the skin
  • The extent of spread of the burn or if it is in a sensitive area like the nose, eyes or mouth
  • The signs of infection like pus, oozing or swelling from the sides of the burnt area.

The advice of the doctor is a must if the burn is in the areas like feet, face, hands, and groin or if the burn is taking too much time to heal. Do not let the harmless first-degree burn definition led you into thinking that the attention of a doctor will never get needed.

The fact of the matter is that with proper treatment, the pinkish scar tissue over the burnt area forms quickly. If the area of the burn is small, you will get back the normal color of skin within a few days. If the area is too large, the pinkish color might persist for a long time.



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