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Top 10 Burn Creams in the USA

Burn Creams

Burns- even the minor ones are quite serious. They are not only extremely painful but also have full chances of becoming infected easily resulting in ugly scars. Therefore, understanding burns and knowing the right way of dealing with them is highly significant. Burns are the result of excessive exposure to the sun and contacts with fire and hot liquids. Electricity and chemicals can even cause burns. There are varying severities or degrees of burns, and these have an essential role to play in determining the intensity of medical attention needed.

It is necessary to start immediate treatment for burns as this can help in minimizing scarring and pain. Therefore, the best thing that the affected can do is get hold of effective and fast-working burn creams. The best ointments for burn relief are as follows:

Water Jel Burn Relief

Burn creamsThe burn relief cream from Water Jel is a water-based gel containing a very small quantity of tea tree oil along with an antiseptic for fighting bacteria. The cream also contains moisturizing Lidocaine and aloe. Lidocaine is used for numbing. This gel from Water Jel offers immediate relief post being applied. The relief that comes from this cream is long-lasting at the same time. The product is available in various forms, but typically it is a thick formula that stays on a burn for several hours evaporating at a slow rate. It has a shelf life of five years, and therefore the users do not need to worry about this product expiring if it is not used very often. Another advantage of using this gel-based burn cream is that it is available in the small package and thus it can be easily carried in wallets and purses.

Water Jel Burn Jel

The burn relief products that come from Water Jel are consistently ranked among the best burn relief products especially for the industrial workers and nurses who are constantly at the risk of suffering from burns. This is another best cream for burns containing the perfect blend of tea tree oil, antiseptic and Lidocaine along with moisturizing Aloe. It has fast-acting results on the burns of an individual. Instead of being a thick formula it is a breathable water-based concoction that not only helps in eliminating the pain caused by burns but also helps in preventing blisters in the burnt areas and scarring post healing.


Neosporin is the latest burn relief product that works in the form of an antibiotic cream. This is cream that can not only be used for treating minor burns but is also effective on minor injuries like scrapes and cuts. The cream offers top quality infection control and pain relief. It is the antibiotic content of the Neosporin cream that ensures that the burns will not be infected and also avoids infection. This is essential for minimal scarring and fast healing.

The Neosporin cream soaks in very well in the form of a water-based formula. It works by forming a protective cover on the burn and delivers its medicines instead of penetrating deep into the skin for showing effective results. It might sting a little, but the sting is not terrible and can easily be borne by kids. Another advantage that comes from this burn relief cream is that it is clear and clean and thus you do not need to worry about staining your clothes.

Alocane Emergency Burn Gel

Alocane, Emergency Burn gel, is also a water-based concoction that comes with a proprietary and efficient transfer medium that absorbs very quickly into the deep layers of the skin. This burn gel helps in relieving the pain caused by burns simply by using around 4% Lidocaine Hydrochloride. When applied generously to a burnt area, this gel can work wonders in a very short span of time. Lidocaine Hydrochloride content of this burn relief gel not only helps in relieving the pain caused by burns but also relieves burning and itching. It provides soothing relief from burns thanks to the aloe juice that comes from aloe vera plant. The exclusive aloe content of this gel-based burn relief formula also offers quick relief from burning and itching sensations. The vitamin E content of the gel assists in the healing procedure. It improves blood circulation and promotes better healing with less scar tissue.

Boiron Calendula First Aid Cream

Boiron Calendula First Aid Cream heals skin irritations naturally and helps in promoting the healing procedure of chafing, cuts, scrapes, sunburns and minor burns. The cream has a moisturizing texture, and this is something that makes this cream perfect to be used on chafed and dry skin. This effective cream can also be used in the form of night cream or for cleansing and exfoliation treatments. The name Calendula First Aid Cream comes from the cream’s content of Calendula flowers also called Garden marigold used topically for healing skin irritations. Calendula is the active ingredient in this cream that promotes healing of burns and sunburns. This product is available in ointment, lotion and gel form. It is paraben-free, and it works naturally with the body.

Medique MP26073 Burn Cream with Lidocaine

Burn creamsThis medi-first burn product consists of Lidocaine and offers pain relief from abrasions, irritations, burns and minor cuts. The best thing about this cream is that it is available in individually packaged doses and can effectively be used on the skin for stopping the pain and the itching caused due to different skin conditions like minor burns, insect bites, eczema, and scrapes. Here, it is important to note that Lidocaine is a local anesthetic effective working by causing temporary loss of feeling or numbness in the mucous membranes and the skin.

Neosporin Pain Relief Ointment

This pain relief ointment from Neosporin works in the form of a very powerful infection protection formula. It helps in preventing infection and offers maximum strength relief from pain caused by burns. Minor burns can get easily contaminated with germs and dirt which might result in infection further leading to delayed healing. Therefore, Neosporin suggests a three-step procedure that can be easily followed for promoting better healing from burns. The ointment cleans treats and protects the wounds of the individuals for avoiding infections and speeding up the healing procedure.

Containing neomycin sulfate, bacitracin zinc, pramoxine hydrochloride and polymyxin B, this pain relief ointment is the number-one doctor suggested a brand that not only helps in fighting infections but also helps in soothing and reducing the pain caused from burns within 24 hours of use.

Solarcaine Cool Aloe Burn Relief Spray with Lidocaine

This is one of the best burn relief products that you must trust when it comes to getting cooling and fast pain relief from burns. This is a specially formulated burn cream containing Lidocaine Hydrochloride for relieving pain along with aloe vera that instantly soothes and cools sunburns and at the same time moisturizes the skin to reduce dryness. This product is available either in gel or spray form providing itch and pain relief for minor scrapes, cuts, burns and skin irritations. This is a gentle no-rub spray that works by drawing away heat from the skin for cooling and soothing it instantly. This is a one-touch spray that paves the way for easy and quick application. It is non-irritating and non-stinging and is alcohol and fragrance-free. It does not leave a sticky residue and is dermatologist tested.

TheraHoney Wound Gel

TheraHoney Wound Gel has a very high level of sugar that helps in promoting autolytic debridement of necrotic tissue which is a damp wound healing atmosphere. This burn relief gel also helps in reducing wound odor rapidly. It contains medical-grade and 100% sterile Manuka honey without any fillers or additives. It is one of the best burn creams considered perfect for burns and wounds that are difficult to dress. And it is best used on wounds and burns without any drainage or with moderate drainage. It is also important to use this gel in combination with an occlusive absorbent wound dressing.

Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Scar Prevention Spray

Burn creamsThis is also one of the most popular burn relief sprays that offer great scar prevention and protection from minor burns that can turn infectious. This burn relief spray helps in treating itchy and painful rashes caused by burns and can easily be applied even without touching the burns and the rashes. One of the greatest advantages of this spray is that children do not like anyone touching their burns and wounds directly. Therefore, this spray application serves in the form of the most wonderful options for parents who need to deal with the burn injuries of their little ones. This spray helps in relieving the pain caused by burns temporarily. It relieves the itching and the pain caused by burning, hot, inflamed and irritated skin, hives, prickly heat rash, minor cuts, insect bites, burns, and scrapes.

This is an exclusive, medicated, homeopathic anti-burn spray that not only helps in promoting the healing procedure of burns but also helps in preventing scarring with its cooling, fast, no-touch and easy-to-apply formula. The spray also protects, soothes and cools minor skin problems and rashes on a temporary basis.

Factors to Consider When Buying Burn Creams

When you are looking forward to buying a burn relief cream, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind. First of all, it is important for you to understand that different burn creams serve different purposes. Some creams are made for soothing damaged skin and relieving the pain caused by burns while some other creams help in preventing the infections caused from burns while minimizing scarring.

In the early stages of treating a burn injury which is immediately after being burnt in some part of the body, using a cream that contains an antibiotic or a disinfectant and the one that soothes the skin is always the best idea. Even experts are of the view that the very first method used for treating a burn is using a product that soothes the skin. Treatment for burn would be the second stage of consideration. Using a cream that soothes the skin and the one that has an antibiotic or disinfectant offers immediate pain relief and at the same time ensures that the burnt area is kept infection-free. Once you find that your burn is healing, you have the option of choosing a scar minimizing formula provided the burn is in an area that is easily visible.

The internet serves as one of the best places for getting hold of burn relief products. Different websites deal with the sale of such products making it easier for the users to make their choice as per preferences regarding burn creams, gels, ointments, and packages. However, the budget that an individual has for buying a burn cream is also a determinant factor when it comes to choosing the best burn relief product.


There are many products and ointments for burns that can serve to be extremely useful and effective is soothing the discomfort and the pain caused due to minor burns and skin irritations. The products mentioned above are some of the best burn relief products that should be present in the first aid kit or the medicine cabinet of every household.

However, if you are confused about choosing a product and do not know which cream or gel would work best for you, there is nothing for you to worry. You can always consult an expert and spend a good amount of time exploring different options and discovering the right burn relief formulas for you and your loved ones. Consulting an expert before buying a burn relief cream can help you in making an informed choice. So, go ahead and make the best purchase.

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