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Important Facts about Burn Injuries

Different things can result in burn injuries. Burn injuries can either be minor or serious depending on the extent of damage caused to the skin. Perhaps, one of the biggest facts about burn injuries is that they continue to rank as one of the leading causes of preventable injury across the world. Several burn injuries fall into the category of serious burns. These are injuries that are caused to such an extent that the victim requires professional medical care. However, there are some readily available and easy home remedies for treating minor burns. Making use of home remedies is one of the greatest ways of ensuring getting instant relief for pain caused due to burns. In addition to this, there are home remedies that can help burn injuries in healing faster than they did if left alone.

Common Facts about Burn Injuries

Facts about Burn InjuriesBefore having an idea of the facts about burn injuries, it is necessary to understand what a burn is. A burn is an injury to the organic tissue or the skin caused primarily by heat or by radioactivity, radiation, friction, chemicals, and electricity. Here, we will be having a look at some of the most common facts about burn injuries.

  • Burn injuries tend to be among the most common and the most devastating injuries in the present times.
  • Both minor and severe injuries are excruciating and can result in permanent damage along with psychological scars.
  • Burn injuries can take place in several varied environments and for a wide assortment of reasons starting from accidents and cooking to electric problems and forest fires.
  • As per the American Burn Association, there are approximately 470, 000 burn injuries that need immediate medical care.
  • It is quite expensive to recover from burn injuries and especially the ones that are serious. It is also worth noting that recovering from serious burn injuries might take months and even years.
  • For a large number of people, surviving a burn is often one of the most painful parts. Such individuals might spend their remaining life experiencing acute problems and living with scars caused due to severe burns. The scars are not only physical but even emotional resulting in an individual living in complete depression.
  • The sufferers or the survivors of burn injuries also have full chances of experiencing fatal infections even after sustained recovery from the injuries.
  • Research has indicated that burns tend to be the most painful things for an individual.

Other Important Facts about Burns

As per latest research and study carried out on burns, experts have come up with some facts about burns, and they are as follows:

  • Burn injuries tend to affect more men in comparison to women
  • These are injuries that take the lives of a large number of people annually.
  • Majority of the burn injuries are caused due to household accidents
  • Seniors are the most vulnerable groups when it comes to suffering from burns.
  • Unintentional or accidental burn injuries are the leading cause of death among kids aged 14 and younger.
  • Apart from burns, falls, automobile accidents, drowning, and poisoning are the other four leading causes of accidental death in kids.
  • Around 75% of burns in kids can be prevented.
  • Fires and burn injuries are the primary cause of death for above 600 children every year.
  • Children and toddlers suffer from burn injuries caused due to neglected flames and scalding.
  • Burns caused by hot tap water result in more hospitalizations and burns in comparison to burning injuries caused due to other hot liquids.

Burn Injuries

  • Facts about Burn InjuriesIn the last three decades, burn injuries have significantly decreased and the figures are around 50%. This is because of the increased use of smoke detectors, regulation of the flammability of different consumer products like pajamas and toys, monitoring safety in work environment, greater emphasis on the prevention of burn injuries and fire safety and decreased smoking.
  • The installation of brand new and good quality water heaters in public areas and homes can help in lowering temperatures, and this can further reduce instances of scald injuries.
  • Serious burns need to be treated urgently and immediately. This is because if left untreated, serious burns can result in infections that can turn out to be worse for the burnt area of the body and eventually for the entire body.
  • Situations, where the victims have inhaled smoke, suffered from electrical or chemical burns, and if the size of the burnt area is larger than the human palm, emergency treatment is necessary.
  • Consulting a specialist is essential when you are not aware of the severity of a burn or if you are doubtful about the cause of the burn.
  • The use of ice, oil, butter, ointments, medicines and other home remedies should be avoided when treating burn injuries. This is because these are products that can cause more serious damage to the burnt area of the skin.
  • Severe burns should not be soaked in cold water as this can have the victim going into complete shock.
  • Blisters caused due to burning injuries should never be popped because popping the blisters might not only be painful, but it can result in permanent scarring or mark on the skin.


Having some idea about the facts about burns can help individuals in attending to burn injuries as soon as possible. The first aid measures that can help in healing or at least attending severe or minor burns can help the victims in getting some relief until a doctor or a burn specialist visit them. However, it is essential that burns are treated with utmost care as these are skin conditions that can get worse with a single wrong move.

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