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How to Get Rid Of the Burn Scars?

If you have burned your skin in the past, there may be scars reminding you of the incident. Home remedies for burn marks are the safest and the most effective. At some point of time, every one of us ends up dropping oil on our skin or getting surprised by bumping into the hot skillet accidentally. Indeed, if you cook at home, you may have burned your skin twice or thrice. The incident is common in households and what is most annoying is the burn mark. After the pain has subsided, you find that dark brown scar on your skin which is so unsightly. Burn marks may be on your hands, legs, face or even neck. Get rid of marks fast by using natural remedies.

Use Lemon to Eliminate the Scars

burn scarsLemon offers a lot of benefits to the skin with its amazing properties. It can eliminate dark marks and burn scars. To get rid of scars on the hands, wash the surface or affected area with cold water and once the pain has subsided, take a moist cloth and place it on the burn mark. Follow this by applying lemon juice to prevent scars from occurring. You need to clean the surface with lemon to prevent the burn mark from appearing. This should be done continuously for few days and for 2-3 times daily. For good results, make a pack of lemon juice, honey, and oatmeal. Apply it over the mark and leave for 10 minutes.

Tomatoes to Treat the Burn Scars on the Face

Tomato is a magical remedy to treat burn scars on the face. The steps are very simple to follow. Since tomato is gentle and soft on the skin, it will not leave any mark or scar on the face. Even if the burn occurred one week ago, you might use tomato juice to eliminate every trace of the scar. Take out the pulp of tomato in a bowl and apply it on your face. Leave for 10 minutes and wash off. This must be done several times on a daily basis. It is better to address the burn mark as soon as it occurs. Clean the area with cold water immediately and cover the surface with a moist cloth. After the pain subsides, use a cloth soaked in tomato juice.

Almond Oil to Get Rid Of Burn Mark

Wondering how to get rid of burning scars? Almond oil is the nature’s gift to human beings which is soft and gentle on the skin. It is simply perfect for soft tissues of the skin. The oil from almonds can moisturize and even soften your skin. Not only can it soften or moisturize the skin but also remove the burn marks. Apply this nourishing face oil and see the difference. It will also bring a glow on your face. To improve the burn pigment or the condition of your skin, you must rub the area with almond oil regularly and that too 2-3 times daily. Essential oils to cure burn marks can be a superb aid to remove burn scars. Some of the essential oils you may use along with almond oil are tea tree oil, neem oil, and lavender oil.

The Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can treat burn marks on your hands, legs, face, and neck. It may be used on any part of the body. The gel of aloe Vera has regenerative and refreshing skin properties. It can repair the damage done to the skin tissues. Aloe Vera is also very easy to grow. Cut the leaves of aloe Vera plant crosswise and extract the gel. Apply it all over the burn and leave for 10 minutes. The gel of aloe vera should be applied 2-3 times daily for quick results. Aloe vera for burn marks is the practical use of succulent plant called aloe Vera. It can treat both first-degree burn and second-degree burn.

How to Use Baking Soda for Burning Scars?

burn scarsIt is best to address burn scar as soon as it appears. But, if the burn occurred a long time back and you have that ugly scar on the surface of the skin, you may use baking soda for burning scars. It is pretty complicated to treat the scars that occurred a long time back. But, you can still remove the ugly marks. Make sure you exfoliate the skin every alternate day to let it regenerate. You need here some water and 5 tablespoons of baking soda. Mix water and baking soda and apply the mixture on the affected area. Leave it to dry and repeat the process thrice a week. Baking soda on face and burn marks is an excellent treatment to get rid of ugly scars.


Using Fuller Earth

Do you have burn marks on your face? Why not use Fuller Earth, a direct gift from nature. Fuller Earth offers a lot of beauty benefits. If you use aloe vera, essential oil along with honey and fuller earth, you will get quick results. Take 2 tablespoons of fuller earth and add aloe vera and essential oils like neem oil and lemon oil. Make a paste by using rose water in sufficient quantity. Apply it all over the burn marks and do this regularly every alternate day for a month. You will see that the outer layer of damaged skin peels off paving the way for a fresh layer of skin. Fuller Earth is very beneficial for skin as it imparts a glow to the skin.

Get Rid Of Burn Scars through Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is an effective way to treat mild burning scars. Since there are acids in the chemical peeling, it can remove the outer layer of damaged skin. Chemical peeling is an effective way to remove skin impurities and burn scars. Make sure you do not use chemical peeling upon the skin which is burned only recently. This can cause extreme damage to the skin. If the burn has healed totally, you may go for chemical peeling to eliminate the burn scars.

Chamomile and Skin Lightening Property

Yes! Chamomile has skin lightening properties. If you find that scars have faded and you still notice traces of the burn marks, you can use chamomile on your skin. Prepare chamomile tea with 4 spoons of tea and mix honey and water. Apply this mixture on the skin and leave for 15 minutes. This should be done 5 times a month.

Wheat Flour to Get Rid Of the Scars

Do you have burning scars on your hands? This may be done away by using wheat flour. Wheat flour for burning scars can address the marks if the scars have not left you entirely. It will also fight out any skin infection and blister. Use wheat flour and apply it directly on the surface of the skin. Leave this for around half an hour.

Tips to Using Home Remedies for Burn Marks

Home remedies for burn marks will not leave any mark on the skin. But you need to make sure that the pain has subsided and the wound has healed. The remedies are just for healing the skin tissues and should never be used on the wound. If you use them on the recently burned skin, they will cause infection. To get your skin regenerate faster, you should exfoliate the skin at least once in a week.

Tips to Getting Rid Of the Scars At Home

burn scarsFor minor burns, you may wait for the skin to heal completely and then start addressing the marks. To increase blood circulation, you may use good quality moisturizer and massage the area. Increased blood circulation can allow collagen to distribute evenly. If used daily, the burn marks will fade after 1 month or depending on the extent of the burn. You can also see your dermatologist as soon as the burn occurs. He will get rid of the damaged outer layer of the skin by the process of chemical peeling once the skin heals. The number of sittings depends on the severity of the burn.

Using 40+ Sunscreen Is Mandatory

Before stepping out of your home, you need to apply sunscreen lotion of 40+ SPF. This is done to prevent UV rays of the sun from darkening the scar. For adequate protection, you will need the sunscreen of higher SPF.

Surgical Procedure to Remove Scars

For third-degree burn marks, the person will need surgery. Cryosurgery done by a renowned plastic surgeon can help in the elimination of scars.

Consume a diet rich in Vitamin C and Zinc. Citrus fruits and broccoli are rich in Vitamin C. Zinc-rich diet comprising of peanuts and Brazil nuts can nourish the skin. Moisturize the area by using moisturizer and good quality sunscreen lotion. Home remedies for burn marks will work only when the diet is balanced and rich in Vitamin C and Zinc. Whether it is an accidental burn or any other, skin burns are usually superficial.

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