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Different Types of Burns That One Must Be Aware Of

Types of Burns

A burn is damage to the tissues of the body. There are various causes of burns in the form of chemicals, heat, radiation, and electricity. Scalds emanating from the hot liquids and also steam the significant reasons behind burns. There is another kind of burn injury in the form of inhalation injury which is caused by breathing of fumes and dense smoke. Burns can inflict blisters, swelling, scarring, and shock. In this context, it is important to note that in severe cases, burns can give rise to shock which eventually leads to death.

Burns can also give rise to severe infections as they affect the protective layer of the skin. This gives rise to the invasion of microbes in the surface. The treatment for burns depends on the cause of burns. In recent years, with the emergence of advanced antibiotic creams to treat burn injuries, managing them has become much more comfortable. However, for more severe burns, the doctors usually replace the skin and ensure that the patient is taking enough fluids and nutrition.

The Degrees of Burns

types of burnsThere exist various degrees of burns that one should take into consideration if they want to treat it properly. They are as follows:

  • Burns of First Degree: These types of burns also refer to mild burns. They usually result in the reddening and pain of the outer layer of the skin which is the epidermis of the skin.
  • Burns of Second Degree: It also refers to the fractional wideness burns. It is that kind of a burn which usually affects the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin. The dermis is the layer of the skin. They are responsible for redness, pain, blistering and swelling of the skin.
  • Burns of Third Degree: It refers to the total thickness burns. It goes through the layer of the layer of the dermis and also affects the underlying tissues. They inflict massive injury to the skin of the affected persons. They create white, blackened and burned skin that usually gives a numb sensation.

What Are The Main Factors That Are Responsible For Burns?

The main factors that are responsible for burns usually encompass various aspects. For instance, heat sources such as fire are also accountable to cause the burn to a considerable extent. Another primary cause of severe burns is heated objects. Quite interestingly, thermal burns are a common category. These types of burns take place when hot metals and flames come in close contact with the skin. They may come in close contact as a consequence of various factors and situations like vehicle accidents and malfunctions related to electrical circuitry.

In this context, it is important to note that there also exists a fourth-degree burn. The fourth degree burns usually take place when the damage penetrates to the bones and tendons instead of just the outer and inner layer of the skin. It is a commonly observed fact that in many cases, fourth-degree burns require specialized treatment procedures. It also needs an extended stay in the hospital in the form of intensive stay. On the other side, even in the case of a second-degree burn, there is an ardent need to admit the patient to a hospital. It is also vital to take advice from a certified medical practitioner if you have second-degree burns on your body.

The Conventional Sources of Burn Injury

Various types of burn injuries can take place without touching a hot pan. A burn can also take place by accidentally coming in contact with fire. Here is the list of a few types of injuries related to burns and their respective causes.

  • Strong alkali and acidic substances are responsible for causing a majority of burns. It requires specialized care so that there is the complete stoppage of injury to the skin.
  • Thermal burns can also originate from explosions. They can also arise from flame and hot liquids. They can also occur when the person comes in contact with the hot substance.
  • Radiological burns are quite severe and can have severe repercussions for the health of an individual. They often require decontamination of the affected individual. It is one of those types of burns which are very rare among the typical population. It is most common among workers who work in nuclear reactors and facilities.
  • Electrical burns can also assume dangerous proportions. Electricity is the primary factor behind this type of burn. It needs to be evaluated by an expert medical professional as electrical burns feature a smooth surface. However, deep inside the burn, there may be a severe infection. This is the reason that taking advice from a certified medical professional is a necessity.

The Prevention of Burn Injury Infection

As per recent medical research, in the year 2011, around 486,000 patients were treated for burn injuries. The wounds are highly susceptible to diseases. This is why it needs medical professionals to be updated in the process of healing. In this context, it is vital to mention that without the necessary treatment, burns may become contaminated with microbes. Moreover, it may also result in the death of the person.

This is the reason that from a medical professional, constant up gradation of knowledge is needed so that the patient can heal properly. The invasion of the microorganisms responsible for infection is what makes burns a fatal condition. The treatment quality related to burns is inferior in developing countries. Hence, a lot of burns related deaths are usually reported from the third world nations. Here are the various possible methods with the help of which doctors efficient contain the spread of infection in case of severe burns.

Binding of the Bacteria

Over the years, the microorganisms responsible for the creation of infection have become resistant to a large variety of drugs. This is why medical science nowadays emphasizes new methods of treatment. They bind the bacteria to the affected part so that the infection gets contained in a particular area of the burn. Moreover, if bacteria cannot secure, they usually tend to lose their developmental stages. They cannot multiply, and this is the reason that they cannot spread in the body of the host. On the other side, to reduce the chances of infection, this strategy is very useful in maintaining the typical inflammatory reaction to the wound.

Emphasis on Keeping the Dressing Clean

types of burnsThere lies huge importance in maintaining the dressing clean. It is so because unclean dressing can give rise to a wide variety of infection in the body of the host. On the contrary, the healthcare providers usually emphasize keeping the wound dressed in such a manner that it receives a lot of oxygen. Oxygen aids in the process of healing and that is how a majority of modern-day severe burns gets treated. Sterile dressing plays a very crucial role to inhibit burn infections. This process usually keeps the bacteria away from the burn area and also reduces the possibility of contamination.

The Diet of the Affected Individual

The food of an individual always plays a crucial role in the treatment of fourth-degree burns. Hence, it is vital for the affected individuals to make sure that they are getting the right type of nutrients in the form of a balanced diet. In this context, it is also crucial to note that medical and healthcare professionals should always take care to spread awareness of the need to consume the balanced diet. They should also educate service users on the proper type of supplements and drinks that one needs to take. The leading medical councils from across the world are of the view that individuals with fourth-degree burns and other severe burns should make it a point to drink lots of water.

They should avoid caffeine and alcohol at the time of their recovery. They should also make it a point to eat meats of low cholesterol along with fish and soy products. This would help the body to balance the amount of protein in the body. The affected person has to avoid oily foods and has to reduce the consumption of refined grains. They have to lay stress on the use of anti-oxidant fatty foods so that they can enhance the health of their cells which further cuts short the recovery time. They can also consume health and vitamin supplements as it greatly aids in strengthening the immune system of the body.

The Necessary Steps to Take When a Minor Burn Occurs

types of burnsMinor burns can happen almost anytime and anywhere. It can take place when you are least expecting it. This is the reason that one should be aware of the steps to treat minor burns. Whether you are engaged in the productive activity or curling your hair, a minimal wrong move can cause a slight burn. The treatment of the small burns is quite simple, and that can be achieved at home.

If you are experiencing a burning sensation on your skin, then the foremost step is to put the affected part under cold water. However, you have to refrain from using freezing water as it can have severe implications for the state of the wound. Extreme low temperatures can have a devastating effect on the skin.

The next step in the treatment of the burn is to clean it properly. Once the area is under cold water, you can opt to clean the burnt surface. You can use soap and water to wash the affected part gently. And you can also apply a simple ointment to treat burn injuries. You can use aloe Vera to soothe the burning sensation on your skin. However, do not use home remedies all by yourself as it can aggravate the situation.

The next step is to protect the affected area. You can do that by wrapping a clean and sterile sheet of bandage over the wound. Make sure that the dressing is of cotton. It would provide ventilation to the injury which in other ways is essential so that it can heal properly.

The Context of Electronic Burns

The meaning of electronic burns is relatively new when compared to other forms of burns. From Smartphones to hover, boards, individuals are increasingly getting inclined to the latest gadgets to lead a comfortable life. However, this growing number of trendy electronics is putting consumers at tremendous risks.

The sudden explosion of a little Smartphone can render the user with severe second and third-degree burns, and in many cases, amputation was necessary. Moreover, a majority of the electronic gadgets have plastic as their built material. When these devices explode, one can experience that the plastic has melted into their skin. This is quite dangerous and hence needs proper medical care.

However, electronic burns have their treatment procedures. But prevention is an essential facet of health science, and this is the reason that users have to be responsible for handling electronic gadgets. The users have to be vigilant so that there is no unnecessary risk of explosion. For instance, while charging your electronic devices, make sure that they are charging over a non-inflammable surface. Always make sure that you are changing the battery time and again so that there is no underlying risk of fire and burns. On the other hand, if you have dropped your Smartphone, make sure that you take it to a technician even though all things seem fine. In this manner, you can safeguard your family from the hazards of burns.

Burn is a serious medical condition, and that is why they need specialized medical attention. Always take the affected person to a health clinic to avoid life-threatening situations. The medical practitioners can adequately address the issues related to burn injuries.

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