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What to Do If a Child Gets Burned?

Child Gets Burned

Has your kid sustained a burn? It is very unfortunate to learn, but you got to do something about it immediately. Child burn injury is really painful, disheartening and a life-transformational event in the life of the kid. Most safety risks threatening an adult also apply to children. Firework is the leading cause of child burns. Parents need to be careful and protect kids from the risks associated with fireworks. Take necessary steps to avoid eye injuries, burn on legs, hands, and face. It is the child’s curiousness and inquisitiveness that leads to injuries due to burn. The intense curiosity to explore the uncharted territories leads to accidents and injuries.Scalds and burns are common among kids when they are young. The moment the child gets burned or is injured due to any hot object, you must try and judge how severe the injury is.

If the burn is just a minor one, you may treat that in the home. But, if you suspect the burn to be severe, medical help will be needed. Immediate medical help is available if you call the toll free number-911.

Evaluating How a Child Gets Burned

Child Gets BurnedFind out the cause of the child burn. There can be various causes of child burn. The common cause of child burn is scalding liquids. The child can place his hands below the water tap giving hot water. The burns may be fire burns, chemical burns, electrical burns, steam burns, ultraviolet burns. There may be three degrees of burns, namely the first degree of burn, the second degree of burn, the third degree of burn. If it is just the first-degree burn, you may treat that in the home. By examining the area, you will get an idea how severe the burn is.

The first-degree burn will lead to redness of the skin, causing swelling and pain. The second-degree burn will damage the outer layer of the skin and also affect the inner layers. A third-degree burn is most severe where the burn travels through the entire thickness of the skin which feels numb. The color of the skin is transformed and becomes either white or becomes black.

Find the exact location of the burn which may be on the face, booty, hands, legs or neck. If the burn is serious, immediate medical attention is required to initiate the healing process. In case of a third-degree burn, hospitalization will be needed.

Home Remedies to Treat Child Burn

If the child gets a burn due to some reason, it is important for the parents to console or support the child. Reassure that nothing has happened and things will be fine. Immediately rush to the tap and place the region below the running water. Help the child to get rid of the fear. If the child is calm, he/she can cope with the pain. To manage pain due to burn, continue to wash the area for 5 minutes. Apply an antiseptic cream or mint leaves to subdue the burning sensation. Child burn medications are available over-the-counter. Use them to control the pain and extreme discomfort.

If the skin is broken, it is important to apply a bandage. But, make sure you clean the region with antiseptic. This will prevent any further damage to the area and prevent any infection. Scald burn from steam or hot water is pretty common during childhood.

What To Do When There Is Severe Burn?

If you find that the child is burned severely, dial the emergency helpline number 911 to get immediate help. Remove clothes from the area but do not touch the burned surface. Run cold water till the pain subsides. Use a gauge bandage and apply it very gently. Administer pain relief medication if the child is awake. Do not apply any cream or butter on the skin as that can make things worse. The burned area will be large if it is due to electrical wiring, fire or chemicals.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Burns

There are some preventative measures to avoid child burns. They are as follows:

  • Use space heaters, candles or curling irons carefully. They must not be accessible to the child.
  • Kids must be kept away from dangerous radiators
  • When serving hot drinks, be careful. Do not hand over a hot glass of milk to the child.
  • Do not put the kid in the bath tub without checking the temperature of water.
  • Inspect your smoke alarm battery once a month at least
  • Always have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen
  • When you are cooking, do not allow the kids to play around you.

Should You Use A Moisturizing Ointment?Child Gets Burned

For the first degree burn or a minor burn, you can use a moisturizing and antiseptic cream to start the healing process. Apply the cream only when the pain has subsided. The moisturizing ointment will have a soothing effect on the burned area. For instance, aloe Vera gel will have a cooling effect on the burned surface. It is anti-inflammatory and bears antibacterial property. Use sterile dressing after you have applied the lotion. This will protect the affected area from the surrounding. It is essential to change the dressing every day. In case there is no broken skin, you need not use the dressing.

Ask Him Not to Scratch the Surface

Do not allow your child to scratch the skin. If the kid scratches the surface, there will be burn marks on the skin or ugly scars. An open wound is more susceptible to getting an infection. Keeping the surface covered with a sterile dressing is crucial.

Medical Treatment for Severe Burns

If the burn is severe, rush to the emergency department for immediate medical help. Bring your child to the emergency department in case the burn is severe. For second degree burn, you may approach your family doctor. It is essential to keep your child hydrated in case of a severe burn.

Post-burn treatment and scar removal creams should be used to eliminate the scars. Never use ice directly on the skin. Use protective skin care products to rebuke the pain.


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