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Burnt From Oil? Here Are the Options for Hot Oil Burn Treatment

Hot Oil Burn Treatment

When cooking in the kitchen, oil burns are pretty common. It can be minor burn or a severe burn. The common type of thermal burn which one gets while cooking can be cured at home. Early intervention or treatment can avoid complications. Thermal burn is the most familiar kind of burn. Hot oil burn treatment includes the use of antiseptic ointments and natural remedies to address the scars. Thermal burn in the kitchen may result from steam, heat from the fire or hot oil. If you fry anything and the oil from the pan pops out to scatter on your skin, there will be painful oil burns.

When you get oil-burn, move out of the kitchen or the cooking spot. If the clothes are contaminated too, just change them. It is necessary to place the affected area under the tap and rinse it with cold water. Do not apply ice on the skin where the burn has taken place. This will only aggravate the symptoms of oil burn. To moisturize the skin, apply lotions or moisturizers. Do not cover the wound totally as that will prevent it from healing. Consult a physician if the pain and burning sensation are acute.

Tips to Getting Relief from Oil Burn

Hot Oil Burn TreatmentDo you experience a burning sensation on the skin? Thermal burn is pretty common, and there is nothing to feel nervous. Some hot oil burn treatment options may be implemented right after the skin gets burned. Firstly, you should run cold water on the affected area. The affected area should be soaked in cold water. If there is a burning sensation, apply banana pulp immediately to let the pain and discomfort subside. The following are other natural remedies for hot oil burn:

  • If you got your skin burned in the kitchen, the treatment lays in the kitchen itself. To treat a burn on the hands, dip your hands in cold water. After you are pretty relaxed, apply a mixture of black-eyed peas and grass. It can soothe the burn and relieve pain and discomfort.
  • To cool the surface and get rid of burning sensation, you may apply potato slices on the skin
  • If there is hot oil burn and you need instant relief from it, mix powdered henna in water and apply on the affected area. This will not only cool the skin but also facilitate quick recovery.

Apply Honey

  • To manage the oil burn, you may apply honey
  • For the best cooling effect, apply a mixture of yogurt and red berries. This will bring about instant pain relief and starts the healing process.
  • The extract of bitter melon can also cool down the skin

Care for hot oil burn is the part of burn treatment. Medical help is not needed when it is just the first-degree minor burn. You may do the above-stated steps and gain quick relief. But, if the burn is second-degree, you will need immediate medical help. After the pain is controlled, one needs to apply the antiseptic cream on the region. This will minimize any further damage and prevent skin infection.

Ways to Treating Oil Burns

Oil burn in the kitchen is common but needs care and attention. If you think the oil burn is major, you may take professional help. Only a medical professional may evaluate the skin surface and find signs of infection or complication. If the area of the burn is much larger than the handprint and if the oil has penetrated to the deeper layers of the skin, it will be regarded as a severe burn. It needs medical help and also further treatment. When there is a severe burn case, it is important to take medical help. Essential oils for skin burns may prevent scars. Some of the options are lavender oil, Frankincense Oil, Helichrysum Oil and Tea Tree Oil. You may use such oils directly on the affected area to treat less severe burns.

How to Treat Hot Oil Burn?

Hot oil burn treatmentThere are quick remedies and home treatment to treat hot oil burns. If you love cooking, there will be times when you end up with skin cut, or you accidentally burn your skin with hot oil. Burn due to hot oil is painful and it also leaves an ugly scar behind it. By chance, the skin is broken, and you find that the burn is severe, rinse the area with cold water. Immediately move to the tap and place hands below the cold water. After this, apply ointment or an antibiotic.

To prevent the spread of bacteria, tie the area and contact a doctor. Cold water is the best immediate remedy for oil burn. The coolness of water will reduce the swelling. But do not use ice on the skin. Frostbite can further irritate the skin. If the burn is just minor and you feel a burning sensation, use any of the natural remedies for hot oil burn:

  • You already know how cucumber acts as a cooling agent to cool the puffy and tired eyes. Yes! It can also reduce swelling around the burned area. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin K and Vitamin C, cucumber can reduce inflammation. Since there is pantothenic acid in cucumber, it helps the skin to retain moisture. All such qualities of cucumber may soothe the skin.
  • To prevent scarring, apply olive oil for several days after the burn. Add some lavender essential oil in the olive oil and massage the area. The carrier oil is antiseptic and acts as pain-relief oil.

Burning Sensation

  • To soothe burning sensation, you can use buttermilk or cold milk or curd. In the matter of few minutes, your skin will be alright. But, make sure you do not apply it on the broken skin.
  • Use the gel of freshly cut aloe Vera on the burned surface. This will eliminate the burn scar. You may even apply it on the broken skin.
  • To relieve pain due to burn, dip a soft cloth in water and vinegar mixture and rest that on your skin.

Safety Tips to Avoid Oil Burns

It will be better if you take necessary steps to avoid oil burn in the first place. You will not be left wondering how to treat hot oil burn. There are various steps you can follow to avoid burn due to oil:

  • If you see smoke coming out of the oil, lower the flame. Always cook in low to medium flame. Avoid cooking in high flame.
  • Use a thermometer for the pan to know the temperature. This will help you in keeping a watch over the temperature. Avoid cooking in a temperature which is beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • When the flame is burning under the pot or a pan, stay in the kitchen. It is better to cook in a pan which has a lid. Cover the food and then cook.
  • If the oil catches fire, immediately turn off the flame and never try to move the pot.
  • For small grease fire, you can pour baking soda

Burn can cause significant damage to the skin surface. If you often cook in the kitchen, you will have to encounter oil burns. But, the one who is careful can certainly avoid oil burns. When there is any oil burn, use cold water to wash the surface of the skin. Wash it as long as possible.

Burns and Scalds Due To Hot Oil

Hot Oil Burn TreatmentBurns and scalds are the consequences of hot oil burn. Both the conditions can be treated similarly. A scald may occur when the skin burn results from something wet like steam or water. Whether it is burned due to oil or anything else, there will be swelling, blisters and pain. The pain you feel is related to how severe the burn is. Never rub the burned area against anything. If the pain is intense, use an antiseptic ointment and intake paracetamol.

When to Take Medical Help?

When the hot oil cooking burn is severe, one needs medical help. Professional medical attention is crucial if the burn is severe and the pain is unbearable for a long period. For any electrical or chemical burn, you should move to the hospital. If the burn is deeper, you must take medical help. If there are major burns on face, arms, hands, legs, and genitals, call the emergency help number. Immediate hospitalization is essential for third-degree burns.

Burns may occur on the outer layer of the skin or the epidermis layer, on the dermis or second layer of the skin or in the subcutaneous fat. For deep dermal burn, proper treatment is necessary. If you have kids at home, make sure they stay out of the cooking zone. Ask them not to play in the kitchen. Lighters, matches, and candles should be kept away from the kids. There are various antiseptic ointments for oil burns. After the pain and discomfort subside and the wound has healed, make sure to use natural remedies to treat scars.


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