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Burn Injuries and Burn Treatment – Know the FAQs

Burn Treatment

A majority of burn injuries takes place at home and are accidental. This is the reason that a majority of burns are highly preventive. Moreover, kids are more likely to fall prey to a burn wound, while men may fall victim to it in their workplace. In this context, it is important to note that preventive steps can significantly lower the happening of burns. There also exists a variety of burn injuries which are segregated to the extent of damage to the skin.

For instance, thermal burns may refer to injuries from explosions, hot liquids and hot objects. On the other hand, burns may also take place from hazardous chemical substances like highly corrosive acids. The burn treatment procedure is highly dependent on the way the extent to which there is damage to the skin. Here is the list of frequently asked questions or FAQs that sheds proper light on the various aspects of burns.

  1. Is it ideal to pluck blisters from the wound site of the brain?

burn treatmentIt is important to note that blisters should not be removed in any case. For instance, the burn site may be full of small vesicles which are not that dangerous should be there. It is so because they would provide the wound with a natural covering. On the other hand, the large blisters which are full of fluids should not be there in the site of the burn wound.

  1. What is the ideal time for a burn wound to come into prominence?

After a burn takes place, it usually takes 2 or 3 days for the burning process to near its completion. This is why it is crucial to eliminate the heat source and remove the clothing of the affected individual. With the help of a mild antiseptic, the wounds of the affected person should be cleaned. A course of 3 days is necessary to determine the treatment procedure which is also dependent on the severity of the burns.

  1. What is the ideal diet a burnt patient should have?

It is a commonly observed fact that patients suffering from burn injuries sport a high metabolic rate. Moreover, they depict increase cravings for food. This is the reason that the patient should consume foods that are high in protein and calories. In case of a patient who is on an oral diet, there has to be a record on the calorie counts. In fact there is the inadequacy in the calorie count, the patient should consume nutritional supplements. On the other hand, if there is no way to administer oral diet to a patient, intravenous methods has to be there for the constant supply of nutrition to the patient.

  1. Is it advisable for the patient to remove the affected area?

It is vital to note that range of movement and motion is quite essential for the burn patients. In this context, it is crucial to note that ambulating always play a pivotal role in making sure that there is no joint stiffness in the affected individuals. There should be the range of motion exercises in all the body parts of an affected individual. These activities are also essential to prevent contractures in the joints.

  1. What is the type of dressing used on a burn wound?

The type of dressing is highly dependent on the nature of the burn wound. Moreover, pain tolerance and the area of the body affected also plays a crucial role in making sure that the dressing of the injury is appropriate. Nowadays, the medical practitioners are of the opinion that cotton bandages should be used on a burn wound. It plays a crucial role in the proper oxidation of the injury which further boosts the healing rate of the wound. Dressings also play a vital role in the frequent assessment of them.

  1. Why does the burn hurt?

burn treatmentIt is a widely accepted fact that burns are extremely painful and in case of major injuries, the underneath skin gets damaged in a terrible manner. Their severity is also dependent on the types of burns. In many cases, the nerve endings get disrupted. Quite interestingly, if there is the pain in the burnt area, it is indicative of the fact that it would heal without the intervention of any surgeries.

  1. What is the time interval of changing the dressing?

The duration of acticoat is usually of 5 to 7 days. At this period, it is of high importance to keep the dressing area moist. On the other hand, the inner layer of the bandage needs to be changed daily depending on the types of burns. There has to be the thorough washing of the wound in case the dressing gets changed in regular intervals.

  1. Why should one shave the charred area?

It is important to shave the charred area as it would prevent infection. It is so because hair harbors bacteria and hence can increase the risk of the disease. The process of shaving should be completed during the initial phase of skin shedding. If hair is there is the wound, then cleaning of the wound assumes greater importance.

  1. Is it vital to wipe away all the loose skin?

The loose skin in the charred area should be wiped away by the use of mechanical ways. If needed, the surgical methods should be there in the complete removal of the loose skin. This ensures that there is no issue related to the infection of the skin. It also contains the growth of the bacteria in the site of the burn wound.

  1. What is the importance of the healed surface in case of a burn injury?

In case of a burn injury, the healed skin should be kept moist by applying particular forms of moisturizers. You can also use dry free lotions to combat dryness in the surface.

  1. What is the healing period of different types of burns?

The healing period of burns depends on the causes of burns. Generally, the first-degree burns take three to six days to heal. It takes two to three weeks’ time for a second-degree burn to heal. Third-degree burns take quite a long time to heal completely.

  1. What are electrical burns and what should be done about them?

Electrical burns generally take place from electrical appliances like a power line. The alarming thing about electrical burns is that they can cause serious injury inside body but it might not show on the skin. If the causes of burns are electrical, the person should get taken to the hospital right away without further delay.

13. What should be done about chemical burns?

Chemical burns need to get washed with loads of water. Any clothing that has been in contact with the chemical must be taken off. Do not cover the burnt area in case of chemical burns. Covering up the area can create a chemical reaction and worsen the situation even further. Medical attention should not get delayed in such cases.

  1. How to treat a burn caused by fireworks?

burn treatmentIf the burn is on a small area of the hand, it must get submerged in cool water for five minutes minimum. Afterwards, cover the area with a dry and sterile bandage. If the wound still oozes, you can apply skin lotion to soothe the area. Never apply ice or butter to burn wound.

  1. Why should one apply cool water and no ice on burnt area?

Experts suggest that the area must get washed with cool water and ice should not get applied. Cool water relives pain and reduces swelling by taking away the heat from the skin. This helps in the prevention of blister formation. Icing the burnt area slows down the healing process in case of burns. Also, in some cases, applying ice on a burnt wound can lead to frostbite on the sensitive and already damaged area of the skin.

  1. How does Sunburn blisters get treated?

Sunburn blisters must get taken to the doctor or physician. He will assess the severity and suggest the necessary medications. As a primary precaution, you can apply Aloe Vera moisturizer and place cold compress on the area. Take care not to pick at the blisters.

  1. How is the percentage of burn on adults calculated?

The calculation of percentage is done by a method called the rules of nines. The body surface of an adult that has gotten burned gets calculated multiples of nines. This calculation is a major deciding factor in shifting to burn treatment units and the types of treatments that will get administered.

  1. What percentage of burns on the body get considered fatal?

The burns upwards of thirty to forty percent can turn fatal without treatment. Those that are upwards of twenty to twenty five percent also need treatment but the healing process is quicker for them.


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