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Best Cream for Sunburn – Top 10 Creams in the USA

Everyone has one or two nasty memories of sunburn. If sunburn hits you, you must watch out for the potential sunburn symptoms. Whether you experience sunburn personally or it occurs to a close friend, have a look at the skin closely. If you see that the skin is red, hot and sensitive, it implies sunburn. The surface will be painful and tender. This symptom is accompanied by dehydration, nausea, flaking or blistering. Peeling of the surface is also common. The one who gets sunburn has to spend a considerable amount of time to cure it. T

he kind of treatment you choose is dependent on the pain and discomfort experienced. What matters is the extent of damage done to the skin out of sunburn. Your body needs time to recover or heal from exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. If the symptoms are not that severe, you may cure it at home. To speed up the process of healing, you can use the best cream for sunburn.

Whether it is winter or summer, the sun will keep shining. The sun is not the problem, but ultraviolet rays are the culprits behind sunburn. To get rid of the sunburn, you need cream for ultraviolet radiation. Also known as UVB and UVA rays, the UV rays of the sun can create alteration on the skin, leading to skin discoloration or causing several diseases. Prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun might cause dermis aging or even skin cancer. There are various creams and ointments available to help you avoid the sunburn. But, if the sunburn already hits you, you may use any of the top creams for sunburn mentioned here.

1.    Super Fluid UV Defense by Kiehl’s

Best Cream for SunburnThis is the loveliest of creams available for sunburn. The certified cream cum lotion is meant for dry, oily and sensitive skin. Rich in Vitamin E, the Super Fluid UV Defense cream fights out free radicals and also helps to avoid premature aging. Since the cream is not greasy, it is great for the skin. The texture of the cream is oil free, paraben free and also it is fragrance rich. The best part is that the cream can resist water for around 80 minutes. The cream is lightweight and gets easily absorbed by the skin. The quality is excellent, and the unique formula is perfect for treating sun damage. The cream can address a variety of issues besides sunburn like blemishes, signs of aging, skin redness and itchiness. You can use this cream for daily to protect your skin.

2.    Urban Environment: The Oil-Free UV Protector

Wondering how to treat sunburn? Urban Environment is just perfect for you. If you have skin burn on the face, you can use this lightweight and ultra-mild cream. It saves the skin from UV rays of the sun, prevents excessive production of sebum and restricts oxidation. The cream is best for oily skin. It has all valuable nutrients and nourishing minerals to reduce the visible pores of the skin. The cream almost acts like the skin food. This particular cream may resist water up to 40 minutes. This cream is applicable for all types of skin. The lotion heals and repairs the skin tissues.

The itchy, dry and irritated skin will get a cooling relief. The best moisturizing cream for sunburn can leave the skin smooth and non-greasy. It is best for blemishes, skin burns and sun rashes. The product is devoid of chemicals and artificial preservatives. This is the reason why it is so highly recommended product.

3.    Anthelios Clear Skin for Face

Do you have sunburns all over your face? If there are marks, blemishes due to sunburn, use Anthelios Clear Skin which is best meant for the face. The non-greasy cream gets easily absorbed by the skin. It also absorbs the excess oil on the face that tends to clog the skin pores. The texture of this cream is pretty much dry, and so you must use it on the face. This can resist water for nearly an hour. The chief merits of using this cream are:

  • It will not clog the skin pores
  • The cream gets dry quickly as it is non-greasy and uses water as the main ingredient.
  • The water-based sunburn cream will never drip down the face even if you are sweating heavily.
  • It offers great protection from the rays of the sun. Even if there is no sunburn on the skin, you may use it for skin protection. The lightweight water-based cream prevents sunburn
  • The oil-free and non-greasy cream leaves your skin smooth and glowing. It will not make a face shiny or oily.

The SPF 60 cream shields your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun

4.    Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Cream by Neutrogena

The oil-free sunburn cream gets absorbed very fast. The oil-free cream leaves your skin dry and smooth. Again, this cream resists water for up to 80 minutes time period and never tends to clog the skin. Featuring Helioplex technology, the sunscreen lotion offers best protection against the harmful UV and UVB rays of the sun. Having all the natural ingredients, the sunburn cream is the best. Meant for all types of skin, the product is non-allergic and suitable for all skin types. It alleviates the pain of sunburn. You are sure to get immediate relief from the burning sensation as the cream cools, soothe and calms your skin. The advanced cream is a non-sticky blend to rehydrate the hot and sunburned skin. Use it for treating sunburn, skin rashes, eczema and also dry skin.

5.    Coppertone Sport: The Perfect Sunburn Cream for the Sports Lovers

Are you practicing sports? If you stay under the sun for nearly 5-6 hours every day, you need the best moisturizing cream for sunburn. This is one such product which will not drip down your face or come off your face when you sweat. The cream can sustain even 80 minutes of continuous exposure to water. The cream protects your skin from UVB and UVA rays of the sun and controls the oil production. It absorbs excessive oil and penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin. Use it regularly if you want instant relief from sunburn. The non-sticky formula leaves the skin smooth and non-greasy. The tear-free and non-allergic cream does not cause any burning sensation in the eyes even if a portion of cream enters the eyes.

6.    Sun Gel Oil Control Dry Touch Cream

Best Cream for SunburnThe excellent water-based cream provides an immediate relief from sunburn. This product is safe and may be used regularly. The gel based cream blocks the rays of the sun and prevents it from entering the pores. The unique formulation is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. The cream is long lasting and can sustain water. Enjoy 24 hours of soft and luxurious moisturization while the cream also leaves your skin refreshed and glowing.

7.    Facial Fuel UV Guard by Kiehl’s

The dermatologist recommended paraben -free, water-based sunburn cream has no irritating chemicals to harm your skin. It is suitable for all skin types and should be applied 30 minutes prior to stepping out of the home. Using this cream is the finest way to draw heat from your skin, soothe the discomfort or pain due to sunburn. Mere application of this cream can fabulously relieve pain due to sunburn. For best results, make sure all the sunburned areas are entirely submerged in the cream. After this treatment, you may splash your face with water to see the difference. Your skin will become even, and you will not notice redness. It contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and caffeine to offer the best protection. The best cream for sunburn may completely refresh your tired skin.

8.    Sheer Physical UV Defense

Meant for all skin types, the sunburn treatment cream combines Plankton extracts and minerals. It strengthens the defense mechanism of the skin to help your face combat the tiring effects of harmful UV rays of the sun. The best part is that the cream has no parabens and it leaves your skin smooth and flawless.

9.    Anthelios 45 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

This is an antioxidant-rich cream which reverses the impact of free radicals on the skin. It helps to avoid the age signs resulting from the harmful rays of the sun. After using it for a week, you will notice the tan fading away. Apply it before stepping out of the home and safeguard your skin. The cream gets instantly absorbed by the skin and also resists water for more than 40 minutes.

10.    Ideal Soleil (Vichy)

Do you want sun protection for an extended number of hours? The unique matte fluid cream extends protection against the UV rays of the sun. The formulation is paraben-free and hypoallergenic. The water-based cream is strengthening, soothing and tends to regenerate, hydrate your skin. It reverses the damage caused due to the rays of the sun.

The cream you choose for ultimate sun protection depends on the brand you prefer. The above 10 creams are the best creams to address sunburn symptoms.

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